Heaven Became a Noisier Place Today

Dwight past away today.

Here is a man who fought his disability.  He was told that he would live only to be 16 years old.  But he showed us that your expiration date is not found on the bottom of your foot.

He fought his demons.  He was a recovering porn addict.  Was an addict member of several recovery groups (both live, and online.) .

He sought to become closer and closer to God everyday.

Although he would blow up from time to time, he still had more patience than I ever had.

I am proud to have called him a good friend.

It says in the bible that earth is only a temporary home, and that our home needs to be heaven.

He is now running, shouting, breathing hard, and is with Jesus.

Heaven got a little noisier today.

Praise God.




10 thoughts on “Heaven Became a Noisier Place Today

  1. Happy for the times we shared and praising God for Dwight’s testimony. I know he is giving his glorified body a workout! Our group will miss him but happy he is home.

  2. Dwight you will be missed my Friend it wont be the same not seeing your face around Church and when I get back to Celebrate Recovery I will miss seeing you there Heaven Def… Scored an Angel Love You Buddy May God Rest your Soul…

  3. My “holy jester “is gone
    ..and referencing a post that he recently did…he was the “wisest fool “that I knew…I thank you Dwight Jr..for being a man of different ability who had the courage to live out loud and to joyously transform your cross into angel wings…you lifted so many…including me….you see I lack patience and forbearance…you showed me both…whether it was explaining to me how your laser glasses worked or stopping to tell the kids hello…you did it always with so much grace….you were part of my landscape..the parties and Christmas celebrations will not be the same…I will cry later I am sure..when I realise that your leg of this journey is done …but for now…I am fiercely happy that you are home and whole and with Our King..heaven must have had some slow learners and I guess they needed you there…class is in session…now and for eternity…so teach well my friend…teach well…

  4. A young man with more courage and perseverance than anyone could have guessed when he was first diagnosed with his insidious affliction. He served as an inspiration to everyone in his family and everyone who came know him. God bless my nephew’s son. May he be resurrected on the last day and run again with the joy he knew as a youth.

  5. This is sad but good news at the same time. I was just getting to know him as a fellow blogger and recovered porn addict. But I praise God Dwight is home now and free from all addictions that can snare us.

    Til I see you in heaven,


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