Little did I know

Several years back, I was taking part in a group that met as an online life group.

I “made the mistake” of saying that I wish I could start a disabled life group but my house at the time wasn’t as wheelchair accessible at the time as it could be.  My life group leader suggested that I start a disability group online.  Then I wouldn’t have to worry about the physical barriers.

Rats. My excuse didn’t work.

Then, I was afraid that I couldn’t do the job of hosting an online life group.  He said he would assist me if I needed him.

Foiled, again.

Then, my leader said that we would plan for six weeks.  If it didn’t work out by then, we could gracefully end the meetings.

Years later, we were still having life group meetings.

I want to show you the video we showed at the first meeting.  Like the main character in the video, I was scared.  I didn’t think I was worth anything.  I couldn’t do it.

The Ring Master was  there when I took my first plunge.

This video means a lot to me.  Not only was it the first video we used for the first meeting, but it showed me, in retrospect, how I started to become the man I am today.

Thank you, Lord.



2 thoughts on “Little did I know

    1. Parcque les autres pays n’ont jamais reconnus la chine ou la culture chinoise comme la leurs même si elle leurs fut tearepmiremont imposée? Et qu’il ne la reconaissent toujours pas à l’heure actuelle?

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