Yes, I am here.

Still on the mend.

To keep things polite, I have been having “digestive” problems for the last two weeks.  I have only been able to stay in my chair for short bits of time.

Most of the time, I am “on the mend” in bed.

I don’t know what is worse.  Feeling dehydrated.  Feeling sick.  Or not being able to be at my computer.

Laying in my bed, not being able to do anything, is the absolute worst for me.  Without being able to go  online to talk, I am alone with my thoughts.  I am sure that you have the same problem when you are laying in bed alone at night.  Satan really tries to do a number in the dark.  My mind rushes in a thousand directions, nine hundred and ninety nine are not good.

It reminds me what my accountability partner, Bob, told me over a year ago.  “Bedtime is the worst time.  That is when your mind goes into hyper drive.”  Boy, was he right!  And particularly now, that bedtime is for days, not hours, Satan is working overtime to get into my head.

I thank God for my iPod.  Loaded with scripture, sermons, and teachings,  audible books dealing with my sobriety, and praise music,  lots of praise music.  I keep trying to get closer and closer to God.

Although, I am getting better, I still need your prayers.


Speaking of prayers, I would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers.  I particularly would like to thank the people who tried to get in contact with me when they didn’t see me online.  Their love and concern for me really spoke to my heart.

It wasn’t too far ago that I was convinced that if people found out my dirty little secret, people would want to have nothing to do with me.  These couple weeks have proven to me that nothing is further from the truth.  I have received messages that have actually brought me to tears.  You really don’t know how much I love you guys, and value you.

I’ll be back!

Maybe I won’t bounce back as fast as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but with the best love and wishes, and prayers from my friends, (Thanks!), I should be up and running shortly.

Be talking to you all soon.


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