What I Learned Being Stuck In Bed

I wrote last week about my cable being out due to a mistake of one of comcast’s service technician. I was basically writing out of sheer frustration. I was angry.

anger9I try to put things in a positive light but like most of us I don’t always succeed. But, I think it is good to be real sometimes. A few people actually liked the post. I thought to myself “you actually like that?” I guess people must like reality.

I know I enjoy reading blogs when people are genuine with their imperfections. There is a fine line between being genuine and whining though.

Little did I know at the time my cable went out, that I would be stuck in bed for two days at the end of the week. Let’s just say I had stomach issues. Thankfully the Internet was up and running by the time I was stuck in bed.

The biggest problem with staying in bed is that I can’t use my computer. I don’t have the setup for that. Too expensive to buy for rare occasions. I do have my Kindle which let’s me watch Netflix and YouTube videos. So I spent two days alternating between watching my Kindle and listening to audio books.

I always have my iPod loaded with podcasts and my external hard drive loaded with movies. Unfortunately, I didn’t take advantage of what I had at my disposal. I didn’t listen to one the-brain-eaterspodcast sermon, I usually listen to one in the morning and one before bed. I didn’t listen to one of the five audio bibles I have, I usually do at least a little bible reading most days.

What did I do? I just watched garbage and didn’t do anything uplifting. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the shows but if that’s all you do it rots your brain.

Just zoning out and watching TV all day is not good for me as an addict. Being bored isn’t good. It gives my brain too many opportunities to go where it shouldn’t, where I don’t want it to go.

So, what did I learn from being without cable followed by being stuck in bed?

1. To appreciate technology, especially my computer and my eye gaze equipment. Being without that was strange. I use it so much to talk with friends online and to send text messages.

the-importance-of-appreciating-the-people-in-our-life-e13493660274322. To appreciate my friends more. At least two people left me voice messages to see how I was doing or just to say hello. I can learn a lot from them. I care but aren’t very good at always doing the same. I’m working on it and improving.

3. Appreciation for the fact that I have nurses to help me. They had to be my hands and feet more than usual. I may complain about them some sometimes but I do appreciate them. People can get on each other’s nerves, it’s bound to happen.

4. The importance of staying close to God and renewing my mind. I know I would have handled being stuck in bed much better if I had. I felt like crap. Doing something uplifting may not have taken away my physical pain but it would have shifted my focus on to God and put things into perspective.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. – Romans 12:12

Luckily I don’t have many times where I am stuck in bed. The next time I am, I need to make sure I do more than stare at my tablet all day. I need to make it a priority to keep my eyes on God, just like I need to do every day. It’s actually more important when feeling sick.


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