Just venting folks! Having a bad day!

The Internet was fine all afternoon until about 4 o’clock when it suddenly stops. We then notice a guy from the cable company doing some work outside.

Thanks for the warning.

At this point, I have no Internet or cable TV service.

the-cable-guy-tbiWe figure, no big deal, it’ll be back when they’re done. Meanwhile, I was getting ready to leave for Celebrate Recovery at the church. So on our way out my mother goes over to the guy to make sure he was aware that our cable and Internet is out. He said he was. When asked if he was going to have it reconnected when he was done, he said yes. We get home, the guy is gone, and still no cable or Internet.

I asked a friend to call them for me Wednesday. So we go to find the account number and realize it’s on my dad’s computer. The problem is we don’t know the password. We couldn’t ask him, he’s in Bolivia on a Mission Trip. My nurse was able to let me use his Hotspot until he had to go home. So I write my dad an email, he has very occasional Internet access, asking him his login information.

Do you see the problem with this plan? The problem I didn’t see until about 3 am. How am I going to know if he answers my email if I don’t have Internet access?

Luckily, after about two hours of begging and pleading on the phone with the cable company, my friend was able to get someone to listen and help us. So someone called me to set up a service appointment. At least all I had to do is give permission for someone to speak on my behalf.

anger9So hopefully I will be up and running by the end of the day Thursday. (Editor’s note: The cable was on by 3pm Thursday.)

What ever happened to courtesy from companies? Oh yeah, corporate monopolies. Fewer choices. Corporations seem to think they can do what they want. Oh wait, our politicians have given them the power to do whatever they want. I apologize to anyone who owns or works for a corporation with scruples. Notice I’m publishing this after my Internet gets turned back on. šŸ˜‰

With me stuck in one place in this chair, the internet is my only window to the world.

If it wasn’t for the help of a good friend and my nurses, I would have been without Internet service until after my dad came home. Who wants to deal with that after a twelve-hour trip?

If it wasn’t for the Internet I would be very isolated. I have friends from all over the world I talk to and play games with. Anything from chess to dungeons and dragons. Yes, I’m a nerd and a kid at heart.

Another interesting thing is how much we all have started to take technology for granted. I was writing an email not even realizing I wouldn’t know if it was answered. That’s how bad it has gotten.

Just venting.



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