What I Learned from My Dogs – part one

I wish I could be more like my dogs. They are both Boston Terriers but they couldn’t be more different. Emma and Dharma not only have different body types but have completely different personalities.

Emma, the stocky and bigger one, is always so laid back and chilled out. When I sit outside with her, she is perfectly content to simply lie in the grass, basking in the sun. She loves it when there is a nice breeze to blow in her face. The only time she gets riled up during that time is if there are a couple of nice fat pigeons to chase.

I am usually not like her at all, on the inside at least. I have moments when I am calm, cool and collected. Well, maybe not cool. Just ask some of my fellow nerdy friends. My mind tends to go one hundred miles an hour, in at least a dozen directions at once. Sometimes this makes it difficult for me to just be content. I obviously have no problem being physically still but mentally and spiritually is a different story.

I am working on learning to be still and luckily Emma gives me a daily example of what that looks like. I am reminded by her daily to “Be still, and know that I am God(Psalm 46:10, NLT)!“

For one has to be very intentional about setting aside enough time to get into a place or state of mind where one can hear God’s voice. I can’t just take a few breaths and be like “Okay, God, here I am.” It takes me quite awhile to slow my brain and spirit down enough to hear His voice. Or at least be in a receptive state of mind if He wants to speak to me. For me, listening to worship music usually does the trick. But usually, it takes about an hour.

Emma poseHow about you, my readers? What helps you to be still?  What has your animal companions taught you? I would love to hear from you. You can either comment directly at the bottom of this post or on whichever social media site you found the link to this post.

Come back next Friday to find out what lessons I’ve learned from my other dog.


3 thoughts on “What I Learned from My Dogs – part one

  1. As much as I would like to comment longer I can’t. My Molly isn’t doing too well, she’s been having a hard time getting up, but you wouldn’t know it because she is nothing but love…. I love you Dwight!

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