Note: It has been just over a year since writing this post. While my speech has actually worsened, I have finally gotten the help I need to communicate. Read the post after next to find out more.

I didn’t want to start this blog when I was going through a difficult time. However, if I keep waiting until my life is going good I may never start. I also have been having a harder time speaking over the last year or so, which in turn makes it harder to use my voice recognition software. Not to mention frustrating. So this may take me a little while to write.


I have had to deal with much loss of physical abilities over the course of my life thanks to muscular dystrophy. Every time I lose another ability there is a grief process I have to go through, until I finally come to the point where I can accept the loss. Then I can figure out how to adapt.

For most of the losses I have been able to take it in stride or at the very least not had much trouble accepting and adapting. However, the loss of my speech has been the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. Communication is such an integral part of everyday life, especially when you need someone else to do things for you. How can you get things done if nobody can understand you? How can I get into a comfortable position if I can’t say how to move me? I really think people take communication for granted.

I have accepted the fact that I am harder to understand even though I still get frustrated at times when I am not being understood, by both people and my computer. My plan is to get an assistive device which will allow me to not only control my computer and type but will also verbalize what I type. Technology has come so far there is a way to simply use my eyes to type and do other things on the computer.

On Wednesday I have an appointment with a speech therapist. Apparently the companies that have the technology want to consult with your speech therapist.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting around feeling sorry for myself. If I ever start thinking how can God use me when I can’t even talk right I remember Moses. He wasn’t a good speaker and had to have Aaron speak for him. God used him to help set free an entire nation.

No matter how your life may look like don’t ever count yourself out.

By the way, this took a nearly 3 hours over three days to write.


4 thoughts on “Communication

  1. You continue to amaze me in your perseverance and choosing of joy in the trial! I look forward to continue reading.


  2. Your an amazing individual who inspires me,I can feel your words.God blessed me,when he introduced me to you and your Family.
    Keep on with the blog,And take care my friend

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